PayPal ®: What does it mean ???
PayPal® is a 3rd party payment method for money online transfer. PayPal® can be used for trading (buying/selling), for sharing costs, for gifts etc. It's a good and secure method for transfering money between individuals without borders and different payment systems.

What's about the fees
Simple: There are no fees for you. PayPal® is free for the sender. Only the recipient have to pay some fees, like credit card cost etc.

How do I use PayPal®
Do you have already an account ???
     Log in with your usal account and passwort: PayPal click to SEND MONEY
     and fill in all required fields or use the following link for a direct access to Send Money.
     IMPORTANT: Please use only for the recipient's email adress

No PayPal® Account ???
     This is not a problem. Before you can send money you need to register.
     Please use the following link: PayPal® Homepage. Here you will find all required information how
     to sign in. This will only take a few minutes.

What happens with the money
All money (latest arrival date: 2004/04/28) will be used for bridal couples hooneymoon. They will use your gift voucher (donation) for their trip to Australia. Do you know some special and impressive locations in Autralia for them ??? This will be the chance for you to be part of the best moments in bridal couples life. Means you can buy a part of an Australia adventure for Monika and Stephen, which they will remember for.

Any other Questions ??? No problem. Please send a mail and we will answer ...   Andreas Schade