Item by Item...
For those people considering purchasing presents for the Bride & Groom, please have a look at the list which you can access through the following link:
This Wedding List was created by us to enable our friends & family both in Germany and United States a way to purchase items from a shared list.
If you are interested in buying an item, simply mark that item as 'Reserved', then purchase that particular item in a shop of your choice. We provided internet links and names of potential shops that carry these items.
After purchasing the item, we ask that you return to the internet list and mark that particular item as 'Bought'.
Points of Contact
For questions about the above Wedding List, please contact either
Heidi Borgia. or Andreas Schade.
They can also help you with the purchase of vouchers for our trip to Australia. For instance, you could use PayPal to make a transfer directly to an authorized account.